Sunday, July 6, 2008

Byron Bay....ooohhh yeah

Byron Bay, this is one of the most beautiful beaches i have been. The water is so clear, the forest at the back .... Up on that mountain, is the famous light house, if you are going to byron bay you have to check it out.

This is what you see from the look out at the light house.

@ the main beach, over looking the moon and the sea.

At the other side of the mountain, this place is freaking awesome. However please remember to pay for your parking. We got FINED for parking in the forest, AUD50 . Only one thing to say about it. Mother Fucker. I was a student back then, AUD 50 is food for 2 weeks....

This was taken with my old Canon Power Shot, given by my sister. Freaking awesome camera it was. However being so near the water...having sand flying to you and geting stuck in the lence is not good for the camera. The camera started showing signs of retirement, 1st the display was purple... then it was blank ...just black... then it turned off when ever it wanted and then later down it's career... it could turn on anymore... my trusty canon... RIP. But Hello to The new Canon Powershot SX100IS ... with 10 times optical zoom, 6.0-60mm lence and 8mega pixels.

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