About Ron

                                                                      Who is Ron?

I was born and bred in Subang, Malaysia, currently residing in Brisbane, Australia. I come from this wonderful mixing pot of cultures called Malaysia. I am of a chinese and Peranakan Chinese or Baba-Nyonya ethnicity, in short my ancestors were Chinese immigrants who married the Local Malays.Like many ethic groups in Malaysia we have a great emphasis on our food and culture.

Along with going to school and being good mates with friends of many races, it exposed me to wonders and varieties of food. Be any race in Malaysia; the first thing a Malaysian will be ask you is " Have you eaten?". One of the reasons why I was rather chubby as a kid. as I always answered " Yes , but I'm still hungry" ;)

I started this blog in the middle of 2008; just to play around and post a few photos from my favorite collection. From blogging I discovered my love for photography; as I wanted to take better shots. So about a year ago,I got a little more serious with blogging and I decided to mix the two together, my love of food which developed since I learned to chew and photography.

I would like to share my wonderful experiences , the beautiful places I've seen and a taste of what I've eaten. Food heals the soul and brings people together. Thanks for your support! 

                                                               Well That's So Ron

Email : thatssoron@gmail.com

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