Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to Shibuya

This is shibuya, a japanese friend from tokyo told me that this is an evil place... might look all nice and decent in the day time but at night... XXX... I didn't get to move around here at night... what a waste.

In Japan, they advertise promotions, new shops and other products via giving out tissues with adverts in the packet. Walking around Japan i got alot of tissues... but in shibuya... i got one with pictures of half naked girls... so it is evil.


Min Dee said...

isn't that pic of shinjuku not shibuya?! i swear it's shinjuku near the JR east entrance!

btw, how have you been?

That's Ron said...

Min Dee... hahaha... to be honeset... now i'm confuse... it could be shinjuku.... Cos I remember walking about 2-3 mins away from a shoping complex in shibuya... so i might had just walked to shinjuku