Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shibuya Scooters

I saw this bike parking place in front of a shopping complex in Shibuya... An amazing thing about the bikes is that all of them are really unique. All of them are different, none looks the same, each has its individual touch on it, may it be the paint job or some sort of add on. I myself drive or should i say used to drive a scooter. Driving is scooter is really awesome... of any of you who had driven a 2 wheel automobile... you would know what i'm talking about... the wind that blows in your face... the ease of passing thru traffic... and the cheap fuel . I used to pay AUD 5 which is a full tank and it last a week on my scooter ... now i fill so much in the car i use... full tank at least AUD45. I love my Zuma...!!! i miss you

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