Friday, March 12, 2010

The Nippon Journey - Osaka Strut

A while ago, both me and Yoshi did a mad trip to Japan. We went from Osaka to Kobe to Kyoto to Toyama to Tokyo and back to Osaka. Although we rushed around like headless chooks...It was the best travel experience I had. Let me show you our Osaka leg of our Journey.

Osaka - Jo - Osaka Castle
Somewhere out site the Osaka Castle grounds
AmerikaMura - is where the cool cats of Osaka hangs out
Dotonbori - is where all the hungry cats hang out. This place is MAD!!! the variety of food here is intense. As Osaka is well known for their food, here would be THE best place to start.

Being born and bred in Malaysia, I was lucky enough to enjoy the diversity of culture and food of the local scene. Malaysia is well known for the great mix of cultures like the Chinese, Malay and Indian. When I was younger, I hardly was exposed to Japanese food, mainly because it was quite expensive and it was not as common as it is now. When I met my fiance, she introduced me to the magic of the Japanese cuisine and their wonderful culture.

Takoyaki (octopus balls)- This place, is a DIY takoyaki joint. Place the octopus, then the spring onion , then the flour mix, then the pickled ginger.... then wait... then roll them balls...

Taste : Superb;If you find it not tasty, its your fault,because you made it!!!

Location : Takontetsu (Pizza Ball House)1-9-20 Maru Bldg Umeda 1 Chome

P.s : Look for the red octopus squeezing its face.

Dango - A mochi-ish Dumpling (rice balls)

Ramen - My favourite Japanese meal!!! from top left - shoyu ramen , top right - tonkotstu ramen with tempura , at the bottom - tonkotsu ramen

Okonomiyaki - Japanese savory pancakes/pizza.
Location : Somewhere in Dotonbori ; near a karaoke place. (sorry for the poor info)

Set menu - Katsudon Set (deep fried chicken with rice)
Location : Again I'm not sure...

Deep Fried Anything!!!! - from asparagus with bacon to zucchini with livers

Location : Dotonbori... this one is a hard one... Just use your nose to smell out the deep fried stuff

Well that is just some of the places that we went in Osaka... Whats your Osaka spots?


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wow what a cool trip your blog is so cool, are you on twitter would love to follow Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,

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Sorry I dont have twitter...

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i wanna visit japan one day! =D

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Well done, my friend!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
I like you picture travelogue and greatly appreciate the fact that you show the real thing about Japan!
Your fiends will thank you for that!
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If you get a chance, you wont regret it

That's Ron said...


Thanks for the compliment!

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Wooow my favorite so far, looks so gorgeous I have to go there :3

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surely not to be missed!

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