Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nippon Journey - To be Continued

We bid farewell to Toyama and headed on to our next destination, Tokyo. This is one huge city, full of interesting places and food. However I'll take a break from our Nippon Journey for a little while,but will promise to continue it soon... stay tuned!


Sam said...

can't wait... your japan trip photos are great!

Ingredients of a Woman said...

I loooooove your graphics! Enjoyed looking at the photos.

I will come back soon. Great job!!!

Alba H. Rodriguez

That's Ron said...

oh thank you 4 ur support Alba!

Elaine@Three Wise Pigs said...

I'm looking forward to your Tokyo posts! I'm heading off to Japan in 3 months time so I'm still trying to work out an itinerary for my trip.

Great job on your Japan trip blog posts so far!