Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Krabi - Thailand

Krabi, is one of Thailand's many islands. This is my 1st trip to Thailand, we stayed in Ao Nang Beach. There i realised the amount of mat sallehs or White people out numbered the asians, most of the tourist were from europe.

Ao Nang beach is where most people stayed and used it as a point to get on the boats to see the other islands, pretty similar to when i was at airlie beach is australia. Me and my family of 4, paid about 4000 Thai Batt, to hitch a speed boat to a few islands and snorkeling sites.

Maya Bay was one of the spots we stopped at, this was the same place and island where the movie "The Beach" was shot. Apparently alot of coconut treas was added to make the place look nicer in the movie, and then later taken out again when the movie was finished.

One of the days that we were there, we hired a taxi driver for 1800 Thai batt , to drive us around from about 9am till 4 pm. He took us to "Emerald Pool" some small hotspring place/ waterfall , shopping and lunch. Above is emerald pool.

Krabi, used to be a fishermans village. This guys were doing it old school, in their Undies!!

This being my first trip to Thailand, there was a few things i found rather weird. The main thing was Thai girls- are they even girls? tiger or thai boy. And what the hell is that guy there? I was taking a picture of that blue truck, and this dude/??? came up in his/her high heels and said "u like my trak" "u wan my pikture? commeee take my pikture!!"

The one thing in Ao Nang Beach that i loved the most is the sunset... picture perfect

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