Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is my home, the place is was born and raised. This country is hot & humid, it rains whenever it wants too and the trafic.. oh my god! But as they say there is no place like home. Eventhough all the above is kinda SHIT... Malaysia has lots of centres closes at 10 pm at earliest... "mamak"(indian muslim restaurants) and kedai kopi ah chongs(chinese hawkers stalls) are always open...Food is good!!!... Futsal till 2am.. and the company is always great! Above.. Station Keretapi !!! the old train station in Kuala Lumpur- posted this picture.. as the road had no trafic... and it was lunch come?

Opposite the place above...sells the best dry black noodle thing with some black sausages and fish balls... Its some where in KL near KLCC... sorry guys.. i donno whats the place called or what the dish is called but will post the pics soon.

This is KL.. near "Lot 10"... From the picture you can tell.. how blended we are as a country... We've got the Malays.. the Chinese... the Indians... and so on...or as they say in malaysia ..."dan lain lain lagi". Everyone has a bad joke to tell about each different race...but end of the day... we live in harmony... and still are buddies!

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