Friday, March 5, 2010

Chesty's Home Improvements

Hi Guys! Let me introduce you to Chesty. I found him unloved, worn out and tired. A year back , I decided to adopt him. After approvals from Yoshi and Mr. Bank ; Chesty was mine and Yoshi's to be called Home. We packed our bags ... and moved in. We knew that there were many things to be fix to make Chesty feel better.



After Paint Job

A little computer editing to see what i pictured would turnout like. If you are thinking of renovation , i would recomend this method. IKEA also provides on their website a free software to help with furniture arrangement , which has help.

What it turned out like, End Result

First thing we did was to give Chesty a new coat, to brighten up the place .... and also new solid timber floors ... then new Bright lights. It was hard work, both me and Yoshi spend hours painting. We had to get contractors to work on the floors, as there were manythings to do inregards to floor preparation and installing. To save more money, we purchased our lights discounted at IKEA during a sale, and installed it ourselves. Mean while ... In the garden...





To fix up Chesty's Garden, I decided to make it a Japanese Garden to make Yoshi feel more at home.Got0 some new white stones from a Landscapes Supplier at Kelvin Grove, Brisbane only about $9 per bag of like 30Kg. Bamboo sticks , plants and the temple lantern from good old Bunnings . Not forgetting the stepping stones from Nuway for really cheap, about $3 per stone.

Chesty now is almost back to full health , although there is still some more painting to do and a few more touch ups here and there... but he is now fit and loved. Will show the rest of the house once done...So stay tuned


hennwei said...

fuah. love what you've done to the place! love that flooring!

Azreen Sulaiman said...

Ron! I is love your house! I is following you!

That's Ron said...

oowh... thanks guys... when ever ur in Brisbane.. there is room for you guys!

Gabriella said...

Dear Thassoron, I think you did an amazing job with the place. Its an awesome idea to use computer editing in order to see what a place will look like with a different color of paint. I wanted to redesign my old apartment and make it look great, but did not know where to start. After seeing how you changed the place, and added your own flare to it, I am inspired to try the same thing. Also, the back yard was unrecognizable! You have a true talent. I showed my roomates what you did and they said WOW. Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Gaby
You can visit me at

That's Ron said...
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That's Ron said...

Thanks again Gabby!

Kimberly Low said...

you made only subtle changes but the difference is amazing! well done!

That's Ron said...

awwh thanks Kimberly, it just need some TLC.. haha

Let me know what when u finish yours!