Friday, March 5, 2010

GOMA - QLD Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane has always been the younger and less cool brother of Sydney and Melbourne. Although we can be proud of our nice weather and great outdoors, we still lack in modern hype buildings,restaurants locations and decors..

However GOMA is something that I believe betters the two older brothers... One of my favorite places in the Brisbane. It sleek building overlooks the river and the city, gives a vibrant and relaxing atmosphere. All of a sudden.. you become Artsy Fartsy


Andy Warhol

The art gallery constantly feature artists from all around the world, some world famous. GoMA also has all sort of activities which makes this place always interesting. Basically, if you have an eye for art or even if you just like nice things, this place will keep you entertained for hours.

They have even been screening Takeshi Kitano's movies for FREE every Friday night. So take that Melbourne and Sydney ...We are COOL too!!!

Location : Stanley Place, South Bank, Queensland, Australia

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