Friday, April 16, 2010

Sydney Trotting - Pastries & Cakes

One thing that i found really awesome about Sydney is the wide variety of Pastries and Cakes shops. From the famous Lindt chocolate makers to the french cafes they all look irresistible. Just passing by their shops, it made me feel like I was 5 years old again; which made me want to grab everything on display...

On the first day we had a chance to try the Lindt Cafe at Darling Habour, the place was packed so it had to be pretty good.The first thing i saw when i came in here was the Macaroons, the nicely arranged and colourful arrangements caught my eyes, and I couldn't resist .I just had to try the macaroons there and... it was superb, the crisp of the macaroon cracks in your mouth and the cold sweet filling was just a Killer!

Location: 104-105 Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour, Sydney

La Renaissance's Courtyard


We also tried this small french cafe at the Rocks which YM introduced, called La Renaissance Café Patisserie. Slightly hidden from the main area, with its cosy Parisian style courtyart, I felt like I was in Europe. I paid $9 for a small cake, that one could possibly gobble in one bite, but I couldn't resist; just look at it; Yes I'm a sucker for colourful things. Once we cut into this tiny work of art, we discovered the many layers and taste to this one cake, which blended really well. As they say good things comes in small packages.

Location: 47 Argyle Street The Rocks Sydney NSW


Mimi said...

I love pastry shops, but often times they look a lot better than they taste.

S. said...

Ron: that cake looks super pretty! And it should for it's price! Haha.

Fresh Local and Best said...

I'd love to see more of the local eats at Sydney. The macarons and passion fruit cake looks fab!

Cocina Savant said...

that cake looks amazing! absolutely beautiful!

C.G. the Foodie said...

That cake is gorgeous. I am loving all of the pastry pictures!

Chow and Chatter said...

the hidden gem is my fav!!!

cikgadis said...

uh uh uh!!
anda sungguh kejam!
kenapa harus dipamerkan gambar2 kek yg sgt menggiurkan itu??

mau mau mauuuu!!


Traveling, cooking, eating
is so good!
What else could you want?

Joanne said...

I think I need to go here just for the pastries alone! Oh my god those look good!

Sanaz's Blog said...

Delicious desserts!

MaryMoh said...

Wow....all the desserts are killing irresistibly good!!! The macaroons look fabulous...mmmm. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm very happy even just looking at them. I wish I can have some!

That's Ron said...

@Mimi: Yea! i was worried about that, but it was really good!
@S: they are!
@Fresh Local & Best: will do!
@Cocina Savant: they were
@c.g Foodie: the pictures always makes me wanna eat somemore
@CHow n Chatter: it is my fav too
@Cik Gadis: saya pun mau lagi
@Mononoke kitchen: u are not wrong
@Joanne: They were
@Sanaz: sure were
@Mary: haha, u are only a train away from france ...:)

The Blonde Duck said...

Everything looks so neat!

lechua said...

sydney looks pretty. recall the sydney harbour when i last visited ages ago... where r u currently based?

Kenzie @ A Healthy Purpose said...

fancy shmancy! looks great.

Pearl said...

my gosh - that city is beautiful!

NekoHime said...

Nice looking pastries!

Anonymous said...

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